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Port operators include an international shipping line, Eimskip, connecting Western Europe and Iceland with Argentia, Halifax, Nova Scotia and the Northeastern United States.  Click here for details: Canada | Eimskip

Domestic carrier TMSI  provides a dedicated weekly container service to and from Argentia, Halifax and St. Pierre. Click here for details: TMSI Ltd. - Transportation Services to Newfoundland (

Heavy Industrial

The Northside Industrial Park, surrounds the Port of Argentia Dock Lands, and is a prime location for heavy industrial projects with it's over 400 hectares of developed flat land ideally suited for fabrication, warehousing and marshalling yards.

Medium/Light Industrial

The Southside Industrial Park, a 800 hectare site, offers serviced lots, competitive pricing, broadband Internet connection, government incentives, and close proximity to a year-round marine transportation hub that provides access to North America and European markets.

Oil & Gas

Husky’s West White Rose Project (WWRP) graving dock is complete on site. With access to Argentia harbour, the graving dock is ready to support the proposed wellhead platform concrete gravity structure (CGS) construction.

Research & Development

Memorial University occupies acreage at Port of Argentia performing several research projects measuring wind patterns and wave action in Placentia Bay.

Diversification Opportunities

Port of Argentia is poised to capture opportunities supporting key industry sectors including aquaculture and renewable energy.

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