Argentia Dock Lands

Adjacent to the Northside Industrial Park is a 40 hectare/100 acre secure site surrounding the Fleet and Navy Docks. With over 600 metres/2000 feet of docking facilities, Argentia can accept vessels up to 300 metres/984 feet in length with up to 11 metre/36 feet draught.

The Port and Dock Lands provides suitable facilities for containers, bulk and palletized cargo product types, heavy specialty items and a cold storage facility. There is sufficient land for a complete offshore marine supply base.



Key Features

Port of Argentia, a premier heavy industrial seaport, offers the following key features:

  • 3 km/1.8 mile-long, ice-free harbour, with a wide turning basin;
  • over 600 metres/2000 feet of docking facilities with up to 11 metres/36 ft. draught;
  • Certified by Transport Canada as ISPS compliant;
  • 40 hectares/100 acres of secured port land providing storage;
  • large multi-purpose cold storage facility;
  • Stevedore crews trained in off-loading numerous types of cargo and certified to handle hazardous material, including explosives;
  • Competitive rates for berthage and wharfage fees;
  • Pilotage available upon request;
  • Serves as provincial entry/exit point.




The Port is certified by Transport Canada as ISPS compliant. Port dock lands are surrounded by a perimeter fence. Gates have access control systems and are staffed during international vessel interfaces. A network of security cameras monitors activity within the fenced perimeter. Placentia Bay enjoys excellent marine radio coverage and the Canadian Coast Guard provides radar coverage in the approaches to the Port.



The Port of Argentia understands operators need cost effective shore operations. The Port’s Fees Schedules are competitive with any port in Atlantic Canada. Argentia is a full service port, offering:

  • Ship Services (fuel, water, garbage removal, laundry, line crews, pilotage);
  • Ship Maintenance (welding, hydraulics, electrical, electronic, signage, contractors);
  • Crew Services (retail, food and beverage, taxis, accommodations);
  • Emergency Services (ambulance, fire, medical, police, oil spill response);
  • Telecommunications;
  • Ferry Service (seasonal to North Sydney, Nova Scotia).

In Argentia, your business can benefit from a highly motivated, skilled and stable local workforce right here on the Avalon Peninsula.


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