1. Calling of Meeting The board of directors shall meet not less than two (2) times a year. Meetings of the board of directors shall be held from time to time at such place, at such time and on such day as the Chairperson and any two (2) directors may determine, and the Secretary/Treasurer shall call a meeting when directed or authorized by the Chairperson or by any two (2) directors. Notice of every meeting so called shall be given to each director not less than forty-eight (48) hours (excluding any part of a Sunday or Holiday as defined by the Interpretation Act, R.S.N. 1990, c.I-19  (as amended) prior to the time when the meeting is to be held and such notice shall specify the general nature of any business to be transacted, save that no notice of a meeting shall be necessary if all the directors are present, and do not object to the holding of the meeting, or if those absent have waived notice of or have  otherwise signified their consent to the holding of such meeting.
    2. Regular Meeting The board of directors may appoint a day or days in any month or months for regular meeting at a place and hour to be named. A copy of any resolution of the board of directors fixing the place and time of regular meeting of the board shall be sent to each director forthwith after being passed, but no other notice shall be required for any such regular meetings.
    3. First Meeting of New Board The newly appointed board may, without notice, hold its first meeting for the purpose of organization and the election and appointment of officers immediately, provided a quorum of directors be present.
    4. Adjourned Meeting Notice of an adjourned meeting of directors is not required if the time and place of the adjourned meeting is announced at the original meeting.
    5. Chairperson The Chairperson of the Board, shall be a Director as selected in accordance with paragraph 13 of this By-Law, and shall be the chairperson of any meeting of the directors. In the absence of the Chairperson, the Vice-Chairperson, or in the absence thereof, a director chosen by the directors at the meeting, shall be the chairperson of the meeting.
    6. Place of Meeting Meetings of the board may be held at the registered office of the Corporation or at any other place within or outside of Canada.
    7. Participation by Telephone With the unanimous consent of all directors, a director may participate in any meeting of directors by means of such telephone or other communication facilities provided it permits all persons participating in the meeting to hear each other and ensures confidentiality of the audio and/or video transmission. A director participating in this manner is deemed to be present at the meeting.
    8. Votes to Govern  Unless otherwise stated herein, at all meetings of the board of directors every question shall be decided by a majority of the votes cast on the question.  No abstentions from voting are possible unless the director is acknowledging a conflict of interest and is recusing him/herself from the issue.
    9. Remuneration of Directors The directors of the Corporation may only be paid remuneration by the Corporation for services actually rendered in the performance of their duties as members of the board of directors and said remuneration may include reasonable per diem expenses and travelling expenses for attendance at all meetings of the board of directors and incurred in the performance of their duties as members of the board of directors, provided that claims are properly vouchered, submitted to, and approved by the Board of Directors for payment.
    10. Transaction of Business By signature a resolution in writing signed by all the directors entitled to vote on that resolution at a meeting of directors is as valid as if it had been passed at a meeting of directors duly called, constituted and held for that purpose.

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