1. Registered Office The directors may from time to time by resolution fix the location of the registered office of the Corporation within the place in Newfoundland designated as such by the articles of the Corporation.
    2. Seal The Corporation may have a seal, which shall be adopted and may be changed by resolution of the directors.
    3. Financial Year The first financial year of the Corporation shall terminate on a date to be determined by the directors of the Corporation and thereafter on the anniversary date thereof in each year, until changed by resolution of the directors of the Corporation.
    4. Banking Arrangements The banking business of the Corporation, or any part thereof, shall be transacted with such bank, trust company or other firm or corporation carrying on a banking business as the directors may designate, appoint or authorize from time to time by resolution and all such banking business or any part thereof shall be transacted on the Corporation’s behalf by such one or more officers and/or other persons as the board may designate, direct or authorize from time to time by resolution and to the extent therein provided, including, without restricting the generality of the foregoing, the operation of the Corporation’s accounts; the making, signing, drawing, accepting, endorsing, negotiating, depositing or transferring of any cheques, promissory notes, drafts, acceptances, bills of exchange and orders for the payment of money; the giving of receipts for and orders relating to any property of the Corporation; the execution of any agreement relating to any banking business and defining the rights and powers of the parties thereto; and the Corporation’s behalf to facilitate such banking business.
    5. Execution of Instruments Any two of the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary/Treasurer, shall have authority to sign in the name and on behalf of the Corporation all instruments in writing and any instruments in writing so signed shall be binding upon the Corporation without any further authorization or formality. The board of directors shall have power from time to time by resolution to appoint any other officer or officers or any person or persons on behalf of the Corporation either to sign instruments in writing generally or to sign specific instruments in writing. The signing officer may affix the corporate seal to any instrument requiring the same. The term “instruments in writing” as used herein shall, without limiting the generality thereof, include contracts, documents, powers of attorney, deeds, mortgages, hypothecation, charges, conveyances, transfers and assignments of property (real or personal, immovable or movable), agreements, tenders, releases, receipts and discharges for the payment of money or other obligations, conveyances, transfers and assignments of shares, stocks, bonds, debentures or other securities, instruments of proxy and all paper writing.

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