Why Port of Argentia?

These are just a few of the reasons why you should choose Port of Argentia as the location for your business venture:

  • Strategic Location – A superb location in the centre of major North Atlantic shipping lanes and access to the world’s most affluent markets.
  • Ice-Free-Port – One of the finest ice-free deep water ports in Atlantic Canada.
  • Industrial Land – 2,000 acres of developed, flat land zoned for industrial use adjacent to the port.
  • Skilled Workforce – A highly skilled and motivated workforce on the Avalon Peninsula.
  • Government Incentives – Major Federal, Provincial and Municipal Government Incentives.
  • Professional Team – A professional business development team to support your start up or expansion at Argentia.
  • Cost Savings – Port fees and land lease rates positioned favourably to compete with other port and land authorities.

In combination, these key selling points can provide a compelling value proposition for your company. Port of Argentia wants your business. Come and talk to us about your business needs today!



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