The Ship Harbour Building


Built in 1956, this one storey warehouse has a floor area of 31,200 sq. ft/2,910 m2 with the height of the roof deck approximately 15 ft./4.5 m above the floor. The building is subdivided into several storage bays and is currently occupied by a number of tenants.

The Placentia Bay Building


Built in 1965 with a floor area of 11,700 sq. ft./1,087 m2, this building is now occupied.



The Freshwater Building (formerly a warehouse and fire station) is a multi-bay, single-storey building that was built in 1942 with a total floor area of 29,640 sq. ft./2,755 m2 and a floor to roof deck height of 14 ft./4.2m consisting of two independent areas; a warehouse section and a fire station section.

The warehouse section is divided into four large and three small storage areas each with a personnel door. The three single bay areas have an overhead door each while the larger three and five bay areas (two of each) have from two to five overhead doors.

The Fire Station section has a three bay garage, an administrative section with a kitchen, a row of utility rooms including equipment storage.

This building is currently occupied by a number of tenants. Please contact us for further information.



This single-storey office/warehouse building constructed in 1956 has a floor area of 10,500 sq. ft./975 m2 and a floor to roof deck height of 15 ft./4.5m.

The administration area runs along the front and left side and includes nine offices of various sizes, washrooms, storage, and a lunch room.

Two large storage rooms of about 3,850 sq. ft./360 m2 in total extend along the back; they are divided in half by a wood stud and plywood wall.

The receiving and shipping warehouse occupies the right side and utilizes about 3,850 sq. Ft./265 m2 of floor area. There are two overhead steel doors. One serves a single bay loading dock at the rear; the other, a grade level entrance located at the front.

This building is currently occupied.



This facility (formerly an equipment storage and vehicle maintenance building), was constructed in 1942, and has a total floor area of 24,800 sq. ft./2,300 m2 with a floor roof deck height of 17 ft./5.2 m in the main building, and 13 ft./3.9 m in the car wash wing.

The main area occupies approximately 22,665 sq. ft./1,385 m2 of floor space.

This building is currently occupied.



The Argentia Building (formerly the A. L. Bristol School) is unsuitable for occupancy.

The gymnasium wing has been repurposed and is under private ownership.

The John Whelan Building

Head office and administration building, Port of Argentia.

The John Whelan building was constructed in 2006 and has served as a former business call center. The Port moved into this location in June of 2017 following the sale of its former location at 12 Marquise Avenue.

The Port’s administration building is fully equipped with offices, meeting rooms, a corporate board room, training room, storage and kitchen facilities, strategically laid out in over 6,000 sq ft’ of functional office space. The surrounding lands and parking lot are located on a 1.5-acre lot near the Port’s Argentia Sunset RV Park, overlooking scenic Placentia Bay and Argentia harbour.

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