Schedule “B”

Wharfage & Transfer Charges
Schedule of Rates
Effective January 1, 2016 – Revised January 2021

Item Description Unit Basis Rate – Jan 1, 2016
(in Cdn. Dollars)
1 All goods not otherwise specified
  (a) with a cubic content of less than 1 m3 per tonne Tonne 2.96
  (b) with a cubic content equal to or greater than 1 m3 per tonne Cubic metre 2.40
2 Automobiles, auto trailers, tractors Each 6.56
3 Boats
  (a) not over 6m in length Each 6.87
  (b) over 6 m but not over 10m in length Each 16.38
  (c) over 10m in length Each 32.77
4 Cement
  (a) in bulk Tonne 1.06
  (b) in containers Tonne 1.41
5 Fish
  (a) whole Tonne 0.38
  (b) cured Tonne 0.56
  (c) processed Tonne 0.67
6 Lumber and timber, except plywood Cubic metre 0.58
7 Metals, in ingots, pigs, blooms, bales, etc. (unfinished product) Tonne 2.17
8 Motorcycles, snowmobiles, all terrain vehicles Each 1.65
9 Gasoline, petroleum products and other liquid commodities
  (a) gasoline
    (i) in bulk Kilolitre 0.89
    (ii) not in bulk 205 litre drum 0.27
  (b) other petroleum products
    (i) in bulk Kilolitre 1.22
    (ii) not in bulk 205 litre drum 0.51
  (c) all other liquid commodities
    (i) in bulk Kilolitre 1.93
    (ii) not in bulk 205 litre drum 0.58
10 Ores, alum, barytes, sulphur, soda ash, calcium chloride, quick lime Tonne 1.09
11 Ore concentrates Tonne 1.80
12 Plywood Tonne 2.09
13 Potatoes and root vegetables Tonne 0.87
14 Pulpwood, firewood, in stacked cords Cubic metre 0.22
15 Salt
  (a) for fish curing Tonne 0.45
  (b) for other purposes Tonne 0.97
16 Sand, stone, gravel Tonne 0.71
17 Scrap metals Tonne 2.36
18 Trucks, tractor-trailers, trailers, buses, in addition to the charge on content Metre of length 2.09
19 Minimum charge Per shipment or consignment 1.06
20 Containers, 6m in length and over, loaded, in addition to wharfage charges on their contents Each 35.66
21 Containers, less than 6 meters Each 21.00
22 Crane Per Day 1.00 per tonne of lifting capacity


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