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Marine Atlantic 2017-18 Schedule and Rate Structure

Marine Atlantic’s 2017/18 schedule is now available. The new schedule, which covers April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018 provides for the popular overnight and morning crossings.

Tariff rate adjustments for this period have been implemented. Effective April 1, passenger fares, vehicle fares and the drop trailer management fee will increase by 2.6 percent. The tariff rate adjustments are necessary to reflect the continuing increased costs associated with materials, supplies and labour and help Marine Atlantic maintain a strong and reliable service for its customers.

The fuel surcharge will remain at 15 percent. Budget forecasts initially indicated the potential for an increased fuel surcharge as the Corporation transitions to more expensive marine diesel to meet new environmental regulations by January 1, 2020. Through internal fuel management initiatives, the Corporation’s fuel hedging program and the continued lower cost of fuel in the marketplace, no adjustments are required at this time.

As the Corporation continues to transition all of its vessels to 100 percent marine diesel, it is anticipated that future increases to the fuel surcharge may be required.

The complete 2017-18 sailing schedule is available at