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Minister of Transport announces funding to improve cargo movement at the Port of Argentia

Placentia, Newfoundland and Labrador | Transport Canada  

An efficient and reliable transportation system is essential to keeping communities connected and building an economy that works for all Canadians. The Government of Canada is committed to ensuring our supply chains remain strong and create good, middle-class jobs, while making them resilient and adaptable to the effects of climate change.

Today, the Minister of Transport, the Honourable Omar Alghabra, announced an investment of up to $38 million under the National Trade Corridors Fund to improve cargo movement at the Port of Argentia.

The project will expand the existing Fleet Dock terminal. This expansion includes the construction of approximately 460 m of berthing space for three new berths to accommodate larger vessels, a Roll-on Roll-Off ramp to facilitate the movement of containers and cargo, as well as increasing available dockside space by approximately 100,000 m2. The project will also promote environmentally sustainable practices, such as supporting green energy and low carbon fuels.

These improvements will allow the Port to accommodate increased trade, improve operations, and increase economic growth in the region. The project is anticipated to more than quadruple trade volumes moving through the port over a 30-year horizon.

The Government of Canada continues to invest to make the country’s supply chain stronger, to boost economic growth and to create more opportunities for our businesses to grow internationally. This represents another long-term commitment to work with stakeholders on important infrastructure projects to address transportation bottlenecks, vulnerabilities, and congestion along Canada’s trade corridors.


“This project will strengthen our supply chain, making the flow of goods to and from Canada more efficient. Through this investment, the Port of Argentia will be able to handle greater trade volumes and enhance its operations. The project will also contribute to regional economic growth and sustainable business opportunities in Newfoundland and Labrador.”

The Honourable Omar Alghabra
Minister of Transport 

“We thank our Federal Government partner for sharing the Port’s vision and supporting this initiative as Argentia expands its capacity in serving key industry sectors and plugging critical gaps in the supply chain logistics relating to marine transportation. This facility will allow Argentia access to global projects and provide significant spin off opportunities to our local, regional, provincial, and indeed, national economy”.

Genny Picco
Chairperson, Port of Argentia

 “The Cooper Cove Marine Terminal expansion and infrastructure development is a game changer and will see Argentia attract major foreign investment with project developments in renewable energy, offshore supports and a range of other marine transportation operations. This capital investment at Argentia will create dozens of new jobs and an expansion doubling quayside capacity to 860 metres, enabling the Port to capture new opportunities in traditional and emerging sectors. Through this investment, the Port will focus on technologies supporting green marine practices as this development at Argentia aligns with both provincial and federal initiatives in reaching zero emissions by 2050”.

Scott Penney
CEO, Port of Argentia

Quick Facts

  • Through the National Trade Corridors Fund, the Government of Canada is investing to help goods move smoothly throughout Canada’s supply chains.
  • The National Trade Corridors Fund is a competitive, merit-based program designed to help infrastructure owners and users invest in the critical transportation assets that support economic activity in Canada. A total of $4.6 billion over 11 years (2017-2028) has been allocated to the program.
  • Through the National Trade Corridors Fund, Transport Canada is supporting improvements to Canada’s roads, rail, air, and marine shipping routes to foster domestic and international trade.
  • The National Trade Corridors Fund’s Increasing the Fluidity of Canada’s Supply Chains call for proposals supports fluid and reliable trade flows between Canada and global markets, as well as internal trade corridors.


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