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Port of Argentia Marquee Newsletter Q1 2023

Port of Argentia Secures Second Major Contract to Support US Energy Transition

Capitalizing on its strategic niche as North America’s first monopile marshalling port, the Port of Argentia is pleased to announce it has secured a second major contract in support of US offshore wind development. These contracts will continue to solidify the Port’s competitive advantage as a monopile marshalling port for US energy transition.

Port CEO Scott Penney states, “Collaborating with our global partners in the renewable energy space, the Port secured its second major contract to marshall offshore wind monopiles for eventual installation at project fields off the East Coast of the US. Port infrastructure investments will continue to position Argentia as a strategic location to capture oversized transport and storage projects in renewable energy and other industrial sectors for generations to come.”

Heavy transport vessels will arrive, and from dockside, monopiles will be transported to a bonded storage marshalling yard on the former US naval station runways by self propelled modular transporters. In preparation for the arrival of monopiles, the Port will undergo infrastructure improvements exceeding $10M, including road widening, maintenance and upgrades to current infrastructure and creation of 3 acres of new laydown lands adjacent to docking facilities.

Port of Argentia Furnishes Resident Lounge at Lions Manor

Port of Argentia has donated $5,000 to the Trinity Conception Placentia Health Foundation for the purchase of furniture to establish a Resident Lounge at Lions Manor Nursing Home, Unit 1.

Port Chairperson Wayne Power states, “The Port recognizes that Lion’s Manor is vital to the community which we serve and understands the value of providing a private setting for residents to host and entertain family members and visitors. Establishing a resident lounge will do just that and provide comfort and a sense of belonging to long-term care residents.”

Don Coombs, Chief Development Officer, Trinity Conception Placentia Health Foundation, says, “We very much appreciate the thoughtfulness and generosity of Port of Argentia in making this donation and furnishing a lounge where long-term care residents can host family members and loved ones in a comfortable setting. During COVID, visitor restrictions and social distancing measures severely restricted interaction between residents and their families. This newly created lounge will go well beyond simply providing a place to meet and will raise the spirits and improve the quality of life of Lions Manor residents.“

Port CEO Scott Penney adds, “The Port takes great pride in identifying a solution to a pressing need in our community and we hope this contribution will improve the experience of visitors and residents at the facility.”  

Construction Continues in Preparation of Offshore Wind Monopile Arrivals

Groundworks are well underway in establishing North America’s first and only monopile marshalling port utilizing the former US naval station runways on the Argentia peninsula.

The transit route along Waterfront Drive will see infrastructure upgrades and road widening, and power utility lines will be relocated or buried, to accommodate transport of monopiles from the marine terminal to the runways area.

Port Secures Harbour Water Lot 

In an agreement with Public Services and Procurement Canada, Port of Argentia has successfully negotiated the transfer of the Argentia harbour water lot, giving the Port ownership of the harbour bottom. This key acquisition will help the Port with future shoreline developments and infrastructure investment projects. Government of Canada will maintain ownership of the Marine Atlantic Terminal water lot.

Geotechnical Study for Wharf Development

Port of Argentia recently conducted a geotechnical borehole campaign at the former Sierra Tango location for the feasibility and methodology of a new wharf development in support of the growing aquaculture industry. Plans include an 80-metre dock facility and support warehouses dedicated exclusively to support salmon farm activities in Placentia Bay.

Pattern Energy Hosts Open House on Argentia Renewables Project 

Pattern Energy recently held its second open house reception at the Placentia Bay Cultural Arts Centre and provided a project overview on Argentia Renewables, a proposed multi-phase wind energy-to-green fuels production facility to be constructed on Port of Argentia lands. 

The project is slated to begin on Port lands with a 300-Megawatt wind energy facility powering a green ammonia project (including hydrogen electrolyzers) for export to global markets. Future phases include expansion of wind energy capacity on neighbouring Crown Lands, and expansion of hydrogen production facilities on Port lands.

The Port’s location, unique land assets and existing infrastructure have positioned it to be a leader in the creation of a new wind energy and green fuels industry in Newfoundland & Labrador. 

Frank Davis, VP Pattern Energy, addresses participants at the second open house providing an overview of the Argentia Renewables Project. Details and company information are available at this link: