The Argentia Port Corporation (APC) is certified compliant, as a Port Administrator, in accordance with the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code, which is a requirement of the International Maritime Organization.

Security Improvements

As part of securing the Port of Argentia in compliance with the ISPS code and Transport Canada regulations, the APC has constructed port security enhancement projects. Some of the the enhancement projects include: security fencing around all port properties, video surveiliance port wide, intrusion detection, alarms, and port security building.



Long and short term sheltered anchorage is available at 1.6 kilometres from the fleet dock.



Pilotage is not compulsory, but if pilotage services are required, pilots board off Argentia at position 47° 20' 00"N, 54° 06' 30"W. The Atlantic Pilotage Authority in Halifax, available by telephone at 1-877-272-3477 or fax at 1-877-745-3477, shall be given a minimum of 12 hours notice prior to arrival with confirmation 4 hours prior.

Radio Frequency

Placentia Marine Traffic operates on VHF channels 12 and 14.

Private Wharves

Marine Atlantic's ferry wharf is situated north of the navy dock and is available, with prior approval from Marine Atlantic, during the off-season (October to May).


Upland Storage

There are over 450 hectares available, approximately 180 of which are located dockside.




There is a heavy lift crane pad on the wharf built for a 200-tonne mobile crane at minimum radius.



Mobile harbour crane services are available at the Port of Argentia; to schedule booking, please contact either  Eimskip Canada at 709-754-7222 or Argentia Freezers & Terminals at 709-227-5603; or, TMSI @ 709-330-8674 or 709-227-7639.



General ship supplies and services are available locally within the Town of Placentia; for a detailed listing of services and providers, please click here

For vessel bunkering services, contact North Atlantic Refinery Ltd. at 709-463-8744.


Fresh Water

Fresh water is available at all berths.


Ship Repairs

Local contractors can perform minor ship repairs. Major repairs must be undertaken by companies from nearby St. John's or Marystown.

Medical Facilities

The Placentia Health Care Complex is located at Placentia (6.5 kilometres). Four other hospitals are located in St. John's (130 kilometres).

To contact The Placentia Health Care Complex call 709-227-2061.

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