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Port of Argentia Marquee Spring Newsletter 2019

Early Success for Husky CGS Project at Argentia

Husky Energy and the SDP Partnership met recently with Port of Argentia to discuss progress on the concrete gravity structure (CGS) construction at Argentia as part of the West White Rose Project (WWRP). Board Chair Hedley Burge states, “Husky is advising the company’s experience at Argentia has been a positive one and took the time to thank the Port for cooperating with them on infrastructure needs, providing office, storage and laydown space, and supporting the marine arrival of aggregates, reinforced steel and other materials and supplies”.

The CGS, being constructed at Husky’s purpose-built graving dock site reached a significant milestone last November 2018 when the central caisson reached a height of 46 metres. During this period, construction employment levels peaked at over 1900 workers. With the recent decision to reschedule the CGS tow out to the summer of 2022, Husky is advising the project scope of work for Argentia has not changed, however the additional time provided may result in changing the scheduling for concrete pours and mechanical outfitting work.

Husky informed the Port that safety on site to date has been excellent and is pleased also with production levels.

TMSI Domestic Container Shipping Plans Progressing

Transport Marine Service International (TMSI) plans to develop a regular Halifax – Argentia short sea shipping service are continuing. The company has established an office and equipment yard near berth 3 at the Port of Argentia Marine Terminal (Fleet Dock) and in February added a second mobile harbour crane to the Port with the arrival of TMSI’s newly constructed Gottwald harbour crane from Germany.

Port General Manager Chris Newhook states, “Our team has been working hard to build the case for Argentia as a port of call into Newfoundland. The start of this weekly service from Halifax later this spring will make Argentia the only port in Newfoundland & Labrador served by a weekly year-round domestic and international carrier. That will be a banner day for our Port, our region and the entire province, so we are certainly wishing TMSI much success going forward”.

TMSI has dedicated its vessel, the MV Nolhanava, to this weekly run. The Nolhanava is 120 metres in length with capacity of 430 TEUs (twenty- foot shipping containers) and has roll on roll off capabilities.

Prior to beginning the service later this year, TMSI has scheduled a mid-term drydock for the Nolhanava to ensure the vessel is in tip top shape prior to entering into this service.

Port Mid-way through 10-Year Fleet Dock Maintenance Program

Port of Argentia’s enduring advantage is its ability to provide safe year-round deep-water anchorage and dock facilities for short sea and deep sea vessels entering Newfoundland waters. Therefore, it is essential that the Port continue to keep its dock assets in a good state of repair.

With the help of Dillon Consulting, in 2014, the Port developed a 10 Year Fleet Dock Maintenance Program to address needed repairs to more than 350 steel piles under the Fleet Dock, though a process called ‘jacketing’.

Port CEO Harvey Brenton states, “The Port is now 5 years into this maintenance program and has invested some $2 million in the installation of pile jackets on just over 200 steel piles under the Fleet Dock. The dock is now safe and fully functional, so our challenge going forward is to finish the job and complete the jacketing of the remaining 150 piles”.

Once this work is finished and other aspects of the dock system such as the sheet pile wall and pile caps are addressed, the life of the Fleet Dock will be extended approximately 30 years.

Mr. Brenton continues, “While Argentia has fantastic natural and infrastructure potential, some of the Port’s industrial buildings, roads and docks were built more than 30 years ago and need regular and ongoing repairs. The Port is pleased at its progress in getting ahead of these key dock repairs and looks forward to the day when it may be able to partner to invest in new infrastructure to advance the economic development of the Port”.

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